Name Advice

Name advice requests

If you enjoy my posts and have a name advice question, I’d love to help! You can send me a letter using the form below. Please try to include:

  • Who you are trying to name (your child, yourself, a fictional character, a pet)
  • Rough age of the person being named
  • Geographic region
  • As much information as you feel comfortable with about the family name (last name, surname)
  • Names currently under consideration
  • Any names that cannot be used but which help establish your name style (e.g. siblings’ names, names you would love to use but your best friend’s kid who you see all the time has the name, etc.)
  • Any relevant cultural background or family considerations
  • Your general naming process and a sense of why you’re stuck

It’s okay if you don’t have something to say for every item on the list, but try to cover as many of them as possible.

Important: I do not currently have a system for replying directly to form submissions. If I think I can help you, then your letter will appear as a blog post within four weeks of submission. If I answer your letter, I would really appreciate if you sent an update!

    Update form

    If I posted your letter, I would love to hear whether my advice helped and what name you chose.