This is a blog where I write about things I have been thinking about and obsessing over. My target audience is really just myself, but I always hope that each post will be interesting for at least one other person out there. Common themes are names and books, but I don’t limit myself to any particular topic. Similarly, I don’t try to hold myself to a posting schedule. I pretty much always have at least one post in my drafts, but since I write my posts in and around all the other stuff in my life, updates can be pretty infrequent.

Recommended blogs

If you find my posts interesting, you might also enjoy some of the blogs I read. I grouped them by topic, but otherwise the list is in no particular order.


Other topics

  • Buildings of New England – Photos and brief histories of architecturally interesting houses in New England
  • McMansion Hell – Funny posts about ugly houses
  • Ask a Manager – Advice blog focused on work issues
  • Captain Awkward – Advice blog focused on interpersonal issues
  • KJ Charles – One of my favorite romance authors, writes blog posts that are interesting for writers and non-writers alike
  • Rachel Neumeier – One of my favorite SFF authors, a very good curator of other blogs – a lot of her posts comment on interesting posts from blogs that I am not quite interested in enough to follow

How to find new blogs

Here’s two good places to look for interesting blogs: ooh.directory and Search My Site

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